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The foundation helping animals “BONO”
Zagórze 2b, 66-016 Czerwieńsk
KRS: 0000365802, REGON: 221098568; NIP: 583-311-33-34
Phone number:Ania: 728 899 254; E-mail: info@fundacjabono.pl
Bank account : PL53 1240 1268 1111 0010 3558 4567; SWIFT: PKOPPLPW

About us

The internet connected us… exactly the forum for sheepdog lovers. Our own dogs are as well from shelters as from genealogy families. As We exchanged our experience with other dog lovers about the intelligence of our puppies, their beauty We notice that many dogs are still in shelters or just walk around the cities trying to survive. This kind of places are not friendly for such strong and proud “mountaineer”.

In a shelter they don’t beg with their eyes through the bars like other dogs – they lie down in a corner , don’t search for a contact with people and very often they fall into dejection or show their teeth. That’s why this kind of a dog is acknowledge as a aggressive type , not able to adopt and in effect they are asleep.

We want to change this!!!

We created our foundation to help formally the Polish Tatra Sheepdogs with our few year experiance but the rules are still the same - we don't rent the location, all our volunteers and the board of the foundation work on the volunteers rules what means that we do it for free - every cent is allocate only to help the Polish Tatra Sheepdogs. The foundation exists only from the donations from people that are sensitiv for the harm of theese animals, people with good will.

We help dogs that are left on their own, starving dogs, beaten and neglect from many places. We locate them in hotels for animals or in other houses where our friends can help them. We heal and vaccinate them , we make announcements and look for a new , better home for them … in normal not shelter conditions such dog shows how he really is and this helps us to find people that can truly take care of them. With our help you can see that there’s no better view than happy eyes and a tail that wags all the time on a dog which was a few months earlier scared of people that only looked at him and reacted on a hand in the air with panic. There’s no better view than to look how your dog gets better and better all the time under a helping hand… Helping one dog you don’t change the world but you change the world for a dog.

Join us now!!!

You can adopt a dog that is under our protection , you can be a volunteer or a donator , you can… decide what you can ;)

Foundation board of directors

Paweł Narożny

Beata Sekulska

Mirosława Kalinowska

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Fot. Sławek Panek
Fundacja Pomocy Zwierzętom "BONO"
Zagórze 2b, 66-016 Czerwieńsk
Telefon (Mira L.): 660 474 121
Telefon (Beata): 502 623 982
E-mail: info@fundacjabono.pl
Konto: PL53 1240 1268 1111 0010 3558 4567
SWIFT: PKOPPLPW, KRS: 0000365802
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